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Soal PTS bahasa inggris terbaru – Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, Salam pendidikan dan salam sehat selalu buat seluruh pembaca. Sesuai dengan janji admin untuk memposting referensi soal penilaian tengah semester ganjil tahun ajaran 2020-2021 mata pelajaran bahasa inggris  SMP untuk semua tingkatan kelas, setelah kemarin admin memposting soal PTS bahasa inggris terbaru kelas 7 dan kelas 8, kali ini admin akan memberikan kumpulan soal untuk kelas 9 yang bisa menjadi referensi buat teman-teman sekalian.

Materi untuk PTS bahasa inggris kelas 9 semester ganjil mencakup materi dari chapter 1 – 3 yaitu, expressing of congratulation, complimenting/praising, hopes or wishes, asking for and stating intention, agreeing, label text and presenting facts on labels.

Soal PTS Bahasa Inggris Terbaru Multiple Choice (Pilihan Ganda)

Choose the best answer!

The text below is for questions number 1-2!

Dear Rais

Congratulation on your winning at the regional chess competition! Your hard work has been paid off. I hope you get the best result in the higher competition. Good luck!


1. Why does Angga send the greeting card?

a. To compliment Rais on his success

b. To congratulate Rais on her winning

c. To encourage Rais to be successfull

d. To wish Rais win in the higher championship.

2. How does Angga probably feel when giving the greeting card to Rais?

a. Proud

b. Anxious

c. Amused

d. Surprised

The text below is for number 3-4!

My dearest sister Regina,

Now you are turning 17. Wishing your birthday full of happiness and wonderful memories. Happy Birthday! May you have a healthy and long life and grab the bright future.


3. What is the relationship between Sandi and Regina?

a. Siblings

b. Neighbor

c. Playmates

d. Classmates

4. The purpose of Sandi in write the text is . . .

a. apologize

b. thank

c. congratulate

d. compliment

5. La Baco    : South Sulawesi is the host of 25th PON next year. I think South Sulawesi will be the champion of this PON.

La Beddu : …. ?

La Baco     : Yes, I am sure.

a. are you sure

b. do you agree

c. do you hear me

d. Repeat, please.

6. Aminah : We will have an English test next lesson. But Dilan did not study last night. I am not sure he will past the test.

Ramlah : Yeah. I agree with you.

The bold sentence is used to express . . .

a. suggestion

b. disagreement

c. objection

d. agreement

7. Rafa  : are you coming in Radit’s wedding party next week?

Bumi : . . . .  He has invited me. I haven’t got the invitation yet.

a. maybe

b. of course

c. it’s possible

d. I don’t think

8. Sapiah : do you think our sales volume will mean a high improve with that promotion?

Ratna       : . . . . .  but it’s worth gambling.

a. I’m confused

b. I’m not sure

c. I don’t think so

d. I agree

9. Mr. Calfin : Ok students. Please open the page 20 and do exercise A, from number 1 to 10.

Lamellong    : Excuse me, sir?

Mr. Calfin    : Open your book page 20 and do exercise A number 1 until 10.

Lamellong   : Okay. Thank you, sir.

Mr. Calfin    : Well. Any questions? Do it correctly.

The dialog occurs in . . .

a. the library

b. the laboratory

c. the hall

d. the classroom

10. Lamellong said, ” Excuse me, sir?”. It means he . . .

a. asks for an explanation

b. asks for information

c. asks his teacher to repeat the words

d. wants to repeat the words.

The text if for number 11-13!

soal pts bahasa inggris terbaru
source : buku pegangan bahasa inggris

11. What is the name of the product?

a. acetaminophen

b. panadol

c. chewtable tablets

d. aspirin-free

12. Based on the picture above, which statement is not true about the uses?

a. temporarily reduce minor aches and due to colds

b. temporarily reduce minor aches and due to fever

c. temporarily reduce minor aches and due to flu

d. temporarily reduce minor aches and due to headache

13. What should the parents do if their children have liver disease?

a. go to doctors

b. ask the doctors

c. see doctors

d. meet doctors

14.  Raka : We don’t need to add salt.

Dimas : Are you sure?

Raka    : ………., Dimas.

a. You are right

b. I don’t think so

c. I’m not certain

d. I’m very certain

15. Messi : There is a football game. What do you think about watching it?

Ronaldo  : Thats a good idea. I agree with you.

What does Messi implied ?

a. asking for opinion

b. asking for agreement

c. asking for repetition

d. giving for opinion.

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