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Contoh Narrative Text Bahasa Inggris – Di postingan sebelum-sebelumnya, admin telah membagikan materi dan soal narrative text terkait dengan definition, generic structure, language feature, dan contoh soal.

Kalian tentu sudah memahami konsep dari narrative text kan? Pastinya iya kan. Nah pada postingan ini, admin akan membagikan beberapa contoh narrative text bahasa inggris yang penuh dengan pesan moral yang sangat berguna dalam kehidupan kita.

Pastikan kalian mendapatkan pesan-pesan moral yang terkandung dalam contoh narrative text berikut ini.

Contoh Narrative Text 1

Cork Fish and Squirrel Friendship

In a river, there lived a snakehead fish who was friendly with a squirrel. They live helping each other every day. One day, the snakehead fish fell ill. Faithfully, the squirrel took care of the Cork Fish. It’s been a few days the snakehead fish doesn’t eat well. So, the squirrel tried to persuade him. The snakehead fish only wants to eat shark liver.

Hearing this request, the squirrel was sad. Therefore, sharks are very vicious animals and only live in the sea. But in the end, he tried to find a shark.

Squirrels travel out to sea. He jumped from tree to tree, until he came to a coconut tree whose trunk protruded from the sea. Tired, he made a hole in a coconut seed that was still attached to the tree and drank its contents. After the water runs out, he goes into the coconut.

Not long after, the coconut leaves its stalk and splashes into the sea. Long story short, the coconut is already in the middle of the sea. Suddenly, there came a big shark. Immediately, he swallowed the coconut seed. Once inside the shark’s stomach, the squirrel came out and bit the liver of the shark. In pain, the shark was floundering towards the beach. Arriving at the beach, the squirrel came out of the shark’s body.

Happily, the squirrel brought a shark heart for his best friend. After eating the liver, the snakehead fish was healed. He was jumping happily. He also promised to help the squirrel if he was sick in the future.

Contoh Narrative Text 2

A Short Bedtime Fairy Tale: Love the Hunter

In ancient times, there was a formidable hunter named Sangi. He lives in the watershed of the Mahoroi River, a tributary of the Kahayan River.

One day, Sangi went hunting. But until the afternoon, he did not get prey. He also wanted to rest in the river. Arriving at the edge of the forest, he saw wild boar footprints. Sangi following the trail. Not long after, he saw a wild boar in the mouth of a dragon.

Contoh Narrative Text Bahasa Inggris
A Short Bedtime Fairy Tale Love the Hunter

Sangi was scared and hid behind a bush. However, the dragon saw Sangi. In an instant, the Dragon turned into a handsome young man.
The young man approached Sangi. “Hey, you shouldn’t peek at a dragon that is swallowing its prey! Swallow the wild boar! ”
Out of fear, Sangi approached the wild boar. Miraculously, Sangi was able to swallow the wild boar, as if he were a dragon. Apparently, he got a curse because he saw the Dragon eating. Sangi becomes youthful.

Long story short, 150 years have passed. All of Sangi’s relatives were surprised because he was so young. He also revealed his secret. As a result, he turned into a dragon. Sangi was sad, then went to the Kahayan River. Since then, he has been the guardian of the Kahayan River.

Contoh Narrative Text 3

Short Fairy Tales : The Fruit of Patience

One day a deer was seen living by the river. He was thinking how to get to the other side of the river. According to the news, across the river there is a lot of food. Whereas in the forest where the Deer lives, the food has run out.

Deer are eager to cross. But, his body is small. If he continues to cross by swimming, he might end up drowning.Suddenly from behind, a buffalo appeared that was running very fast. But, he immediately stopped when he saw the stunned Deer.

Contoh Narrative Text Bahasa Inggris
Contoh Narrative Text Bahasa Inggris: Short Fairy Tales The Fruit of Patience

“Hey, Deer. What are you waiting for? There was plenty of food on the other side. I’m already very hungry, ”said the Buffalo, feeling impatient.”I’m still confused, how to get to the other side,” replied Deer.

“Ha ha ha. Why be confused? Just cross it, “said the Buffalo, making it easy.

Deer has not had time to reply to the Buffalo’s words, the buffalo has rushed into the river. Apparently the buffalo was very hungry. He also thought, his big body would not make him drown. However, what happened?

Hap! Suddenly Crocodile appeared, and immediately pounced on the buffalo. The buffalo could not escape. Actually Crocodiles are targeting Deer, but Deer never cross. Luckily, there was a Buffalo that couldn’t wait and rushed across.

The deer ran scared. He looked for another river. Arriving at the other side of the river, he thought again. Then from behind, a rabbit appears that runs very fast.

“Hi, Deer. Why are you pensive? ” asked the Rabbit,

“I still haven’t figured out how to cross the sword,” replied the deer.

“Just swim across,” Rabbit, then threw himself into the river.

What happened? Olala, Rabbit’s body was carried away by the river currents. He was lost, drowned by the swift river currents.

The deer kept thinking. Shortly thereafter, he found a banana tree that had died. With great care, the deer spread the tree over the river.

Aha! Be the banana tree bridge. Deer directly crossed the bridge. Finally, the deer can get across the river safely, he can eat as much as he wants there.

That is the result of the Deer’s patience. If only he was impatient like the Buffalo and the Rabbit, maybe he would not be able to get across safely.

Contoh Narrative Text 4

Rabbit and Tortoise

Once upon a time, there was a rabbit who was popular because of his pride. There was a tortoise whom he had once taunted as slow and stupid, challenging the proud rabbit to a sprint race. Actually the tortoise didn’t want to deal with rabbits, but he wanted to teach him a little lesson.

Contoh Narrative Text Bahasa Inggris
Contoh Narrative Text Bahasa Inggris : Rabbit and Tortoise

With full confidence, the rabbit agreed to the tortoise’s challenge. He wondered how the super slow-moving turtle could beat him. Then, they agreed to determine the long path to be followed for a race.

The match between the two undoubtedly invites the other animals’ curiosity. They all also want to see how the tortoise can beat the rabbit. The animals show their support for the tortoise because they also dislike the hare’s prideful nature.

A monkey was appointed as the referee to oversee the game. When the race had just started, the rabbit darted away leaving the tortoise. Not wanting to give up just like that, the turtle still tried its best and increased its running speed.

Feeling that the turtle was still far behind him, in the middle of the race he decided to rest and fall asleep. But when he woke up, the rabbit was really shocked because it turned out that the turtle had reached the finish line. Getting this fact, the other animals cheered and the rabbit came home embarrassed.

Contoh Narrative Text 5

Ants and the Grasshopper

When summer in a forest, there lived an ant who was very diligent at work. Every day he tirelessly collects foodstuffs which he then stores in the barn. The ant doesn’t even heed the heat or the rain, he tries to do this so that the barn is not empty in winter.

Once while on a trip to collect food, the ants met a grasshopper. The grasshopper greeted the ant and said why he worked so hard when in the forest there was so much food there. The ant wisely replied that he did not want to run out of supplies for the winter.

Contoh Narrative Text Bahasa Inggris
Contoh Narrative Text Bahasa Inggris : Ants and the Grasshopper

While eating a nearby leaf grasshopper mocked the ant and said again, “Winter is still long, no need to work so hard, have fun first.” However, the ants did not heed the word grasshopper and returned to continue his work. This lasted until some time when the ant was getting more and more diligent at working and the grasshopper was still lazing.

Until winter comes and lasts longer than expected, the ants who have a large food supply can stay at home comfortably, while the grasshoppers start to worry because their food is gone. The grasshopper then asked the ant for help, of course he refused. But, seeing the grasshopper that was almost starving to death made the ant feel discouraged, he then helped him.

Demikian contoh narrative text bahasa inggris yang dapat admin bagikan. Semoga bermanfaat buat semua sobat pena.