10 Contoh Soal Compliment dan Jawabannya

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Berikut ini merupakan contoh soal compliment dan jawabannya kelas 10 yang dapat digunakan untuk mengukur hasil pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris materi expression of compliment.

Materi expression of complimenting biasanya terdapat dalam pembelajaran Bahasa inggris kelas 9 SMP dan kelas 10 SMA. Expression of compliment adalah ungkapan yang digunakan untuk memberikan apresiasi atau pujian kepada orang lain.

Contoh expression of compliment:

  • You look beautiful today!
  • You’re an excellent cook.
  • Oh, what a charming baby!

Contoh Soal Compliment dan Jawabannya

contoh soal compliment dan jawabannya
contoh soal compliment dan jawabannya

Simak pembahasan dan contoh soal compliment pilihan ganda dan jawabannya kelas 10 berikut ini.

Read the dialogue of compliment!

Maria: Sherly, what a nice dress! You look stunning!
Sherly: …

The most appropriate response is, except …

A. I’m not sure about that.
B. Thank you.
C. That’s very nice of you to say so.
D. You look great yourself.
E. Thanks. This dress would make anyone look stunning.


Maria compliments Sherly. How should she react to such a compliment? What should you do when receiving a compliment?

Complete the following dialogue.

Kiki : Hi, Sarah. Did you get a new haircut?
Sarah : I did.
Kiki : …
Sarah : Thank you. I really appreciate it. No one noticed my new haircut except you.

A. Well, it suits you. You look good with that haircut.
B. Hmm… I hope it will grow again sooner.
C. Do you really think that cut suits you?
D. If you think that you look beautiful with that hair, think again!
E. It looks fine, but it will be better if you wear a hat.

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Read the dialogue of compliment!

Brother: Sam, come here… I bought you a new pair of shoes.
Sister : Seriously? Oh my god, thank you so much. The shoes are perfect! I love it! Anyway, to what do I owe this generosity? My birthday is still a week away.
Brother: I have to work abroad next week. So, I wouldn’t be here to celebrate your birthday.
Sister : Where are you going, brother? How long will you be there?
Brother: Morocco. I’ll stay there for 5 days. Hey, why don’t you try your new shoes? See if it fits.
Sister : Alright. It fits perfectly.
Brother: It looks really good on you.
Sister : Thanks, brother. You are the best!

The following statements are true according to the text, except ….

A. The sister responds to her brother’s compliment by saying “Alright. It fits perfectly”
B. The brother compliments her sister when she is wearing the shoes.
C. The sister returns the compliment to her brother by saying “You are the best!”
D. The sister is surprised to receive early birthday present from her brother.
E. The sister responds to the compliment by saying “Thanks, brother.”


Pay attention to what they say. What do the sister and the brother say to give or respond to a compliment?

The sister is …. the compliment.

A. Accepting
B. Denying
C. Deflecting
D. Questioning
E. rejecting


How does the sister respond to the compliment given to her? What kind of response that she gives to her brother?

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Read the dialogue of compliment!

Tito : Wina, I heard that you won the debate competition. Congratulations! What an amazing victory!
Wina : Thanks. It was actually a team effort. Our debate team has a really good skill and talent.

According to what Wina says, we can say that ….
A. She wants to give the credit to those who deserve it.
B. She wants people to compliment her achievement.
C. She denies the compliment that she receives.
D. She does not want to accept the compliment because she does not feel confident.
E. She does not want to sound arrogant by accepting the compliment.


What conclusion can be inferred based on the statement said by Wina?

Your little sister drew a picture of you. She shows you the picture. What kind of reaction should you say in order to encourage her?

A. What a great picture! You really are talented!
B. What picture is this? I don’t even know who or what you draw!
C. Is that me in the picture? Not bad!
D. You better quit dreaming about being a great artist.
E. Your drawing is not that good.


What kind of statement that you need to encourage someone to keep doing something better?

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Demikian pembahasan contoh soal compliment dan jawabannya kelas 10 yang dapat kami bagikan. Semoga bisa menjadi referensi dalam penyusunan soal bagi guru Bahasa Inggris dan bahan latihan peserta didik di rumah.