Contoh Soal Descriptive Text About Things

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Contoh Soal Descriptive Text About Things – Halo sahabat PenaGuru.Com kali ini akan memberikan contoh soal descriptive text pilihan ganda tentang benda. Soal descriptive text tersebut dapat meningkatkan kompetensi peserta didik dalam memahami struktur teks, fungsi, dan unsur kebahasaan dalam teks.

Contoh Soal Descriptive Text About Things

Contoh soal descriptive text berikut ini terdiri dari 10 nomor soal berbentuk pilihan ganda. Meskipun hanya 10 nomor namun muatan materi yang terkandung di dalamnya sudah di susun berdasarkan soal akm literasi dan numerasi.

Langsung saja simak contoh soal descriptive text tentang benda di bawah ini.

Question 1

Budi is looking for something in his school bag? It is small. It has a hole; it is made of plastics. It is used to sharpen our pencils. Do you know what it is?
A. A sharpener.
B. A pencil.
C. A pencil case.
D. An eraser.
Petunjuk: Look at the function.
Pembahasan: All things in the option are small. Look at the function. It is used to sharpen pencils.

Question 2

Kristin is at the shop. She wants to buy something. It is not very big. It is made of plastics and iron. It has a switch and a cable. She should turn it on when she studies in the evening so that she can see clearly. What does she buy?
A. It is a desk lamp.
B. It is a bookshelf.
C. It is an AC.
D. It is a TV.
Petunjuk: Look at the reason why Kristin needs it.
Pembahasan: The things in options are not very big. However, the thing that Kristin needs when she studies to help her see clearly is a desk lamp.

Question 3

Complete the dialogue below!

Jordi: Riska, can you describe it?
Riska: This school bag? Okay. It….

A. is not small and not big. It has a zipper and two buckles. It is made of leather.
B. is very big. It has a switch to turn it on. It is made of aluminum.
C. is not big and not small. It has a hole. It is made of iron.
D. is small. It has a cable. It is made of wood.
Petunjuk: Look at the thing we have to describe.
Pembahasan: A school bag doesn’t have a switch and a hole. It is not made of iron.

Read what he says, and answer questions 4 to 7.

Raditya is standing in front of the class. He is holding a picture of his favorite things.

Hello friends. Today I am going to tell you about my favorite thing. Actually, there are several things in my bed room. There are pictures on the wall, a radio, a computer, a yellow desk lamp, and a blue carpet. There are some other things that I like. I like my pocket camera, red bag and toy cars. But the thing I like the most is this one. It is my cell phone. My father bought it for me last month. It is small. It is white. It has numbers and letters.

I can use it to type and send short messages. I can talk to my family or friends who live far away. It can help me do my homework. I can read a lot of useful information in the internet. I bring it everywhere I go.

Question 4

What things does Raditya like in his bed room?
A. A radio, a computer and a desk lamp.
B. A pocket camera, a bag and toy cars.
C. A carpet, a pocket camera and toy cars.
D. A computer, a pocket camera and a bag.
Petunjuk: Find the key word: ‘like’
Pembahasan: There are things in Raditya’s bed room. But he likes some, not all of them. Find the things he likes in line 4.

Question 5

What is Raditya favorite thing?
A. A pocket camera
B. Toy cars
C. A bag
D. A cell phone
Petunjuk: Read line 5 and 6.
Pembahasan: Raditya likes several things, but the thing he likes the most (favourite) is his cell phone.
Raditya likes several things, but the thing he likes the most (favourite) is his cell phone.

Question 6

What colour is Raditya’s cell phone?
A. Blue
B. Yellow
C. White
D. red
Petunjuk: Find the key word: cell phone. The colour of the cell phone is written in line 6.
Pembahasan: The cell phone is white. The desk lamp is yellow. The carpet is blue. The bag is red.

Question 7

These are the following things that Raditya can do with his cell phone, EXCEPT …
A. He can send short messages.
B. It can help him do his homework.
C. It can keep his toy cars in.
D. He can talk to other people who live far away.
Petunjuk: Look at the key word ‘can’ in lines 7-9.
Pembahasan: In lines 7-9, Raditya describes what he can do with his cell phone. One thing that he doesn’t mention is that it can keep his toy cars.

Read the conversation below, and answer questions 8 to 10.

Ernawati is at the store. She is talking to Mr. Arif, the shop assistant.
Mr. Arif: “Good morning. Can I help you?”
Ernawati: “Good morning. I am looking for..ehmm…”
Mr. Arif: “What are you looking for?”
Ernawati: “I’m sorry. My mom asks me to buy it but I forget the name. “
Mr. Arif: “Can you describe it?”

Ernawati: “It is a piece of equipment. It is small. It is made of plastics. It has a hole.”
Mr. Arif: “Is it a pipe?”
Ernawati: “No, it isn’t. It is used to control the flow of water.”
Mr. Arif: “Is it a tap?”
Ernawati: “Yes, it is a tap.”
Mr. Arif: “What colour do you want?”

Ernawati: “One blue and two green, please.”
Mr. Arif: “Here you are.”
Ernawati: “How much is one tap?”
Mr. Arif: “It is Rp. 10.000,00 each.”
Ernawati: “Here is the money. Thank you.”
Mr. Arif: “You’re welcome.”

Question 8

What does Ernawati want to buy?
A. Taps.
B. Water.
C. Plastics.
D. A pipe.
Petunjuk: Find the key words: plastics, pipe, taps and water. And read the complete sentences.
Pembahasan: When Mr. Arif asks ‘is it a tap?’ Ernawati answers ‘Yes, it is a tap’. It is made of plastics. It is not a pipe. It can control the flow of water.

Question 9

How many pieces of the equipment does Ernawati buy?
A. Three.
B. Four.
C. One.
D. Two.
Petunjuk: Look at the numbers in the conversation.
Pembahasan: Ernawati wants to buy one blue and two green taps. One plus two is three. It means that Ernawati wants to buy three taps.

Question 10

How much money should Ernawati pay?
A. Rp. 5.000,00.
B. Rp. 10.000,00.
C. Rp. 20.000,00.
D. Rp. 30.000,00.
Pembahasan: The price for one tap is Rp. 10.000,00. Ernawati wants to buy three taps. It means that she should pay 3 x Rp. 10.000,00 for the taps. (Rp. 30.000,00)


Untuk menguasai materi tentang descriptive text lebih lanjut khususnya tentang benda di sekitar kita, Anda perlu untuk lebih sering mengamati suasana lingkungan sehari-hari. Silahkan berlatih dengan teman dan keluarga Anda. Contoh soal descriptive text about things ini hanyalah Sebagian alat bantu dalam menguji pemahaman Anda.

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