Contoh Soal Essay Narrative Text Snow White dan Jawabannya

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Artikel ini berisi contoh soal essay narrative text snow white dan jawabannya. Teks snow white merupakan salah satu contoh narrative text yang popular di kalangan peserta didik. Hampir semua anak-anak mungkin pernah mendengar dongeng ini, baik dalam versi Bahasa Indonesia maupun Bahasa Inggris.

Selain melalui teks, cerita snow white atau putri salju juga telah seringkali diputar dalam bentuk film. Hal itulah yang mendasari sehingga teks naratif snow white seringkali dijadikan teks bacaan soal essay narrative text maupun soal pilihan ganda.

Contoh Soal Essay Narrative Text Snow White Dan Jawabannya

Silahkan simak contoh soal essay narrative text snow white dan jawabannya yang telah kami bagikan berikut ini. Cerita Snow White diambil dari buku teks Bahasa Inggris versi Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan.

Read the following text, then answer the questions!


Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Snow White. She lived with her aunt and uncle because her parents were dead.

One day she heard her uncle and aunt talking about leaving Snow White in the castle because they both wanted to go to America and they didn’t have enough money to take Snow White.

Snow White didn’t want her uncle and aunt to do that so she decided that it would be best if she ran away. The next morning, she ran away into the woods. She was very tired and hungry. Then she saw a little cottage. She knocked but no one answered so she went inside and fell asleep.

Contoh Soal Essay Narrative Text Snow White dan Jawabannya
Contoh Soal Essay Narrative Text Snow White dan Jawabannya

Meanwhile, the seven dwarfs were coming home from work. There they found Snow White sleeping. Then Snow White woke up. She saw the dwarfs.

The dwarfs said, “What is your name?”

Snow White said, “My name is Snow White.”

Then, Snow White told the dwarfs the whole story.

The dwarfs said, “If you want, you may live here with us.”

Snow White answered, “Oh, could I? Thank you.”

Finally, Snow White and the seven dwarfs lived happily ever after.

Soal Pilihan Ganda Narrative Text Snow White

Berikut adalah contoh soal pilihan ganda tentang Snow White. Pilihlah salah satu jawaban yang menurut Anda paling tepat.

1. What kind of the text above?
a. narrative
b. report
c. anecdote
d. comparative
e. news item

2. The writer uses … to tell the plot.
a. a rhetorical question and an exclamation
b. time sequences
c. contrastive evidences
d. past tense
e. concessive conjunctions

3. Why did Snow White run away to the forest?
a. Her parents passed away
b. Her uncle was angry with her
c. Her uncle and aunt would go to America
d. Snow White was happy to run away
e. Snow White liked playing in the woods.

4. When did Snow White run away to the forest?
a. In the afternoon
b. In the morning
c. In the evening
d. In the full moon
e. In the middle of night

5 Where did Snow White live after she ran away to the forest?
a. She lived in the cave
b. She lived in the lion nest
c. She lived everywhere in the woods
d. She lived in the dwarfs’ cottage
e. She lived on the street

6. According to the text, before she ran away into the forest, why did Snow White live with her uncle and aunt?
a. because she loved them very much
b. as a result of forcing attitude from them
c. because her parents were dead
d. because she were afraid of the dwarfs
e. because she ran away from a monster

7. The communicative purpose of this text is …
a. to inform the readers about important and newsworthy events
b. to entertain readers with fairy tale
c. to share an account of an unusual event
d. to persuade readers to accept his/her opinions
e. to denote or propose something as the case

8. The structure of the text above is …
a. abstract, orientatin, crisis, incident,coda
b. thesis, argument: plot-elaboration, argument: plot-elaboration, argument: plot-elaboration, conclusion
c. orientation, major complication, resolution, complication, resolution, complication, major complication
d. description, background events, sources
e. orientation, event, event, event

Soal Essay Narrative Text Snow White

Answer the questions below based on the text!

  1. What is the purpose of the text?
  2. Why did Snow White live with her uncle?
  3. Where did Snow White parent’s?
  4. How many dwarfs that live with Snow White?
  5. What is the moral lesson of the story?
  6. What are the language features of narrative text?
  7. why do narrative text use simple past tense?

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