50+ Contoh Soal Grammar dan Kunci Jawaban

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Contoh soal grammar dan kunci jawaban merupakan salah satu instrumen yang digunakan untuk mengukur sejauh mana kompetensi seseorang tentang tata bahasa dalam Bahasa Inggris.

Soal grammar Bahasa Inggris umumnya berhubungan dengan 16 tenses Bahasa Inggris. Makanya dapat dipastikan apabila telah menguasai macam-macam tenses tersebut, akan lebih mudah dalam menyelesaikan contoh soal grammar Bahasa Inggris.

Sebagai latihan, silahkan simak contoh soal grammar dan kunci jawaban pada artikel kali ini.

Contoh Soal Grammar dan Kunci Jawaban

Grammar mulai diajarkan pada jenjang SMP sederajat. Berikut ini akan diberikan contoh soal grammar mulai dari tingkatan SMP hingga SMA sederajat.

Contoh Soal Grammar Bahasa Inggris SMP

Contoh Soal Grammar dan Kunci Jawaban

I. Choose the correct answers!

1. I and my brother … in the park. We look some butterflies.
a. am
b. is
c. have
d. are
Jawab: d. are

2. Arni … not go to school because she has the headache.
a. is
b. does
c. do
d. be
Jawab: b. does

3. Desta … song every morning.
a. sings
b. sing
c. is
d. does
Jawab: a. sings

4. My uncle … a cup of coffee every morning.
a. drink
b. drinks
c. drinking
d. is
Jawab: b. drinks

5. They … a job every saturday.
a. does
b. has
c. are
d. have
Jawab: d. have

6. Ali: Please contact me if you need something.
Budi: No. I … need your help.
a. do not
b. does
c. not
d. am not
Jawab: a. do not

7. She is a doctor. She … at school.
a. working
b. work
c. works
d. does
Jawab: c. works

8. We … volly ball match.
a. doing
b. watching
c. watches
d. watch
Jawab: d. watch

9. Gina cooks kapurung. It … delicious.
a. does
b. do
c. are
d. is
Jawab: d. is

10. My sister walks to school …
a. everyday
b. last day
c. next week
d. next time
Jawab: a. every day

11. Romi, Ani, Marta, Saira ………. good friend.
a. is
b. are
c. am
d. is not
Jawab: b. are

12. A: Hello, my name is Baim Wong
B: Hi, I’m Paula Davenport
A: Sorry, ……….
B: It’s D-A-V-E-N-P-O-R-T
a. How do you spell your last name?
b. What’s your last name?
c. How do you spell your first name?
d. What’s your spelling?
Jawab: a. How do you spell your last name

13. Are you a police? No, I ………. a pilot.
a. am not
b. don’t
c. am
d. was
Jawab: c. am

14. A: Hi, my name is Bambang Pamungkas.
B: ……….
a. Where are you from?
b. Where do you from?
c. Are you from Singapore?
d. Where is he from?
Jawab: a. Where are you from?

15. ………. your brother and sister ………. Healthy Faculty in campuss?

a. Did-take
b. Does-take
c. Do-takes
d. Do-take
Jawab: d. Do-take

16. Rano’s mother is very kind. ……….name is Raisa.

a. Her
b. His
c. He
d. She
Jawab: a. Her

17. Most of my friend……….24 SKS next semester.
a. to take
b. are be taking
c. will be taking
d. be taking
Jawab: c. Will be taking

18. What are they doing right now?
a. They are doing dancing.
b. They dance right now.
c. They are dancing.
d. They usually go dancing.
Jawab: c. They are dancing

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19. Irene : What will you do on next saturday?
Daniel: I ………. To Kuta Beach .

a. will going
b. went
c. am going
d. will go
Jawab: d. will go

20. What is she doing in the kitchen?
a. She is watching TV.
b. She is playing cards.
c. She is sleeping.
d. She is cooking.
Jawab: d. She is cooking.

21. Lesti can’t come to the concert right now because she………. her little baby.
a. taking care of
b. is taking care of
c. is takes care of
d. be taking care of
Jawab: b. is taking care of

22. It is still raining on the Mandalika circuit. Therefore, the riders ………. The race.

a. are stopping
b. will stopping
c. is stopping
d. have stopping
Jawab: a. are stopping

23. Andra …….. his little brother to take him some snacks at the box.

a. askes
b. is asking
c. asked
d. asks
Jawab: b. is asking

24. What time does your sister take a bath?

a. She take a bath at 5 am.
b. She always takes a bath at 5 am.
c. She usually took a bath at 5 am.
d. He always takes a bath at 5 am.
Jawab: b. She always takes a bath at 5 am.

25. My Father ………. a bobber but he……….it very often.
a. does not have
b. has- does not drive
c. had-does not drive
d. has – is not driving
Jawab: b. has- does not drive

26. The baby …………. for thirteen minutes.
a. has crying
b. has cried
c. has cry
d. has been cried
Jawab: b. has cried

27. Someone …………. the window now. We are not in the kitchen.
a. are opening
b. open
c. is opening
d. opened
Jawab: c. is opening

28. ………. You and Anti at the laboratory last friday?
a. Were
b. Did
c. Are
d. Do
Jawab: a. Were

29. My younger sister receives a lot of gifts ……….
a. now
b. tomorrow
c. every year
d. yesterday
Jawab: c. every year

30. Aldi: Where did you buy your new shoes last week?
Arfan: ……….
a. I sold it in Planet Surf.
b. I borrowed it from Andi.
c. I bought it in P-store.
d. I took it in Matahari.
Jawab: c. I bought it in P-store.

II. Choose the correct answer in the bracket to complete the sentences.

  1. The person on the corner (are/is) Jung Kok. (Jawab: is)
  2. She (has/have) long blonde hair. (Jawab: has)
  3. He (does/is) diligent student. (Jawab: is)
  4. Rani is a financial advisor. She (working/works) for the bank. (Jawab: works)
  5. We (has/have) an hour for rest every day. (Jawab: have)
  6. They often (eat/eating) Lunch in the cafetaria. (Jawab: eat)
  7. Retno usually (bringing/brings) a pizza and some fruits with her to the office. (Jawab: brings)
  8. He usually (sits/sit) on the desk but he (isn’t like/doesn’t like) sitting on the sofa. (Jawab: sits – isn’t like)
  9. While we’re at the zoo, we (watch/watching) people and animals. (Jawab: watch)
  10. She (is seeing/sees) elephants and deers when she (exploring/explores) at the forest. (Jawab: is seeing – explores)

Itulah kumpulan contoh soal grammar dan kunci jawaban untuk peserta didik pada tingkatan SMP sederajat. Berikutnya adalah contoh soal grammar jenjang SMA sederajat.

Contoh Soal Grammar Bahasa Inggris SMA/SMK

Contoh Soal Grammar dan Kunci Jawaban
Contoh Soal Grammar dan Kunci Jawaban

1. Bambang : Why does Ani look very sad?
Rocky : Because she … her bag.
a. lost
b. has just lost
c. is just lost
d. just lost
e. will just lost

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2. Susi : Was England team as strong as China?
Lilis : No, I think China was stronger than England.
Susi : But … Thailand, Denmark or England?
Lilis : Denmark.

a. Which country is the best
b. Which team is the strongest
c. Which country plays better.
d. Which team is the weakest.
e. Which country plays the fastest

3. Aurel : Will you have dinner with me ?
Alex : I’d love to, but I am still busy. I… my dinner.
a. has
b. have
c. will have
d. have had
e. am having

4. Bani : I wonder why Mr. Adam … yet.
Bolang : I do too. As we know, he is always on time.
a. hasn’t come
b. won’t come
c. didn’t come
d. havn’t come
e. isn’t come

5. My family never … Bali.
a. visiting
b. visits
c. has visited
d. visited
e. had visited

6. Ramlah … her father before she came home.
a. have messaged
b. messages
c. has messaged
d. messaged
e. had messaged

7. Amel : Can Budi play football?
Lia : May be, he… the football academy ten two years.
a. joined
b. is joining
c. will join
d. has joined
e. joins

8. The medicines … by Mario, he got toothache.
a. drinking
b. has drank
c. has been drank
d. have drank
e. had been drank

9. Ronaldo … an injury when he had been in Madrid.
a. get
b. gets
c. has got
d. got
e. had got

10. Ichal : Here we are! The largest harbor in Makassar.
Juwita : Look! A ship is coming.
Sadewa : …
Ichal : Yes. You know it can carry 5000 passengers at one time.
a. What a beautiful ship!
b. What is a big ship?
c. What a big ship!
d. How big is this ship?
e. How comfortable is the ship?

11. Messi was cured by a very beautiful doctor.
The underlined word has nearly the same meaning as …
A. pretty
B. nice
C. modest
D. thoughtful
E. friendly

12. The police ….. for the robber for five years before they caught him.
A. were looked
B. had been looking
C. were being looked
D. have been looking
E. had to be looked

13. “Is the new edition of this dictionary already available?” No, …..
A. it was printed
B. it is printing
C. it is being printed
D. it has printed
E. it has been printed

14. Anita began to make a living right after the death of her mother. The underlined word mean …
A. to look for a house
B. to work hard
C. to get married
D. to stay alive
E. to earn money

15. ”The families have been told the good news” Mean …
A. The good news about the families has been told
B. The good news was told to the families
C. The good news has been told by the families
D. Somebody has told the families the good news
E. The families have told the good news.

Demikian informasi terkait dengan contoh soal grammar dan kunci jawaban yang dapat kami bagikan. Semoga bisa cepat memahami materi grammar dengan soal-soal tersebut.