90 Contoh Soal Kata Sifat Bahasa Inggris (Adjective) Lengkap dengan Jawabannya

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Contoh Soal kata sifat Bahasa Inggris – Untuk mengasah kemampuan dalam mengenali kata sifat yang telah kita bahasa pada materi adjective sebelumnya, maka kami memberikan beberapa latihan soal kata sifat (adjective) dalam bahasa Inggris.

Latihan soal ini kami bagi dalam 5 part dengan bentuk soal yang berbeda-beda, ada multiple choice, isian, dan uraian singkat.

Contoh Soal Kata Sifat Bahasa Inggris Part A

Read the sentence. Identify the adjectives in the sentences and write it below each of sentences.

  1. The musician played an expensive guitar.
  2. My classmate invited me to a fancy party.
  3. The furry hamster made the boy sneeze.
  4. The hungry man lived under the bridge.
  5. She was afraid to talk to his teacher.
  6. The perfume in the room is fragrant.
  7. The shiny window caught people’s attention.
  8. The Chemical was very difficult.
  9. I didn’t want to play on the wet ground.
  10. My sister who lives in England is elderly.
  11. The teacher taught a fascinating material in the outdoor class.
  12. Explorers came to Asia from foreign lands.
  13. Her sister is an amazing artist!
  14. The textbook for the class was cheap.
  15. The tiger purchased by the zoo is enormous.
  16. The adorable kid smiled at his father.
  17. The valuable sculpture was purchased by a billionaire from Australia.
  18. The yellow banana was used to make baby porridge.

Contoh Soal Adjective Part B.

Choose the adjective that makes the most sense to complete the sentence.

  1. The chicken soup is very _______. (tasty/floppy)
  2. My aunt’s spaghetti is_________. (delicious/sharp)
  3. The birthday party is _________. (ugly/fun)
  4. The ________ children has no place to sleep. (poor/fluffy)
  5. My shoes are _________. (soft/angry)
  6. My friend’s body mist is_________. (frilly/smelly)
  7. Ahmad Dhani’s music is ___________. (generous/energizing)
  8. The theatre show is _____________. (dramatic/furry)
  9. Their home is very __________. (challenging/comfortable)
  10. Our school is ________. (salty/large)
  11. The wedding party was _______. (old/noisy)
  12. Sanji’s motorcycle is _________ (crunchy/fast)
  13. Our neighbour has a _______monkey. (friendly/bumpy)
  14. The weather is ___________ today. (chilly/smooth)
  15. My new dresses are ________. (clever/fashionable)
  16. Those students are ________. (intelligent/rectangular)
  17. The village library is _______. (useful/chewy)
  18. My father has a __________ horse. (brown/scaly)
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Contoh Soal Kata Sifat Bahasa Inggris Part C

Read the sentence. Rewrite the sentence using an adjective from the list as the synonym of the adjective in the first sentence.

Filthy/ pretty/ sad/ expensive/ torn
Fragrant/ fast/ fluffy/ funny/ old
Delicious/ hungry/ excellent/ cheerful/ plain

The house is dirty.
Example: The house is filthy.

  1. The team is fantastic!
  2. The girl is beautiful.
  3. The book is costly.
  4. The boy is homely.
  5. The pie is tasty.
  6. The jet is quick.
  7. The movie was depressing
  8. She was happy.
  9. The flowers are aromatic.
  10. They are hilarious.
  11. The clouds are puffy.
  12. We are famished.
  13. The furniture in his house is ancient.
  14. Her jeans jacket is ripped.

Contoh Soal Kata Sifat Bahasa Inggris Part D

Choose the best answer for the following questions.

1. Generally, girls are ______ than boys.
A. talkative
B. most talkative
C. more talkative2. Cricket is an ______game.
A. exciting
B. excitengest
C. excitinger3. Kamila is looking _______ in this dress.
A. gorgeous
B. gorgeouser
C. gorgeousest4. Audy has a very ______voice.
A. sour bitter
B. sweet
C. Sweetest
5. Diamond is the _______natural material.
A. hard
B. hardest
C. harder
6. This exercise is quite ______
A. more simple
B. simple
C. most simple
7. Roger is a _______ boy.
A. trustworthy
B. trustworthest
C. trustworthier
8. The entire staff of the hotel we stayed at was very ________.
A. friendly
B. friendliest
C. friendlier
9. You are getting _____ all the time!
A. gooder
B. better
C. goodest
10. Your efforts to accomplish this project are _____!
A. outstandinger
B. outstanding
C. outstandingest
11. My elder brother is 27, he still feels _______when he sees cockroach.
A. frightender
B. frightendest
C. frightened
12. Mr. Karan felt very _____ when his son failed the final examination.
A. more disappointed
B. disappointed
C. most disappointed

contoh soal kata sifat bahasa inggris
contoh soal kata sifat bahasa inggris

13. I feel ______on Saturdays.
A. relaxed
B. relaxful
C. relaxing
14. Roger felt _____ when his manager shouted at him in front of his juniors.
A. proud
B. ashamed
C. honoured
15. He is______so he avoids being photographed.
A. bashful
B. bold
C. confident
16. It is always ________to seek the advice of your elders in difficult times.
A. beneficial
B. necessity
C. useless
17. We had a _______ time at the alumni meet.
A. least
B. cool
C. great
18. Luffy is very ______ about his wedding.
A. excited
B. interesting
C. boring
19. He doesn’t seem ____ in your offer.
A. interested
B. exciting
C. interesting
20. The news of her death ______ us.
A. stunning
B. stunded
C. stunned

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Contoh Soal Kata Sifat Bahasa Inggris Part E

Fill ini the blank with the suitable adjective!

  1. He saw_____elephants in the zoo
  2. How _____ apples did you put in the box?
  3. There isn’t _____ sugar in my tea.
  4. You don’t have ______ friends.
  5. That man hasn’t got _____ hair on his head.
  6. I’ve packed _____ bottles of juice.
  7. I didn’t get _____ sleep yesterday night.
  8. How _____ egg do you eat in an average day?
  9. My room is_____ than that one
  10. My face is so________than yours
  11. Which is the (dangerous)______animal in the world?
  12. He is ………………… than his neighbors. (rich)
  13. The brides were much ……………… than the grooms. (young)
  14. She is too …………………… to be taught. (intelligent)
  15. Rani is ………………… than I thought him to be. (clever)
  16. When the old woman became ……………………, she began to move about. (strong)
  17. Toni is much ………………… now. (good)
  18. The offer was too ………………… to be true. (good)
  19. He fishes with …………………… success than I do. (great)
  20. Shakespeare is the …………………… playwright in English. (great)

Kunci Jawaban Contoh Soal Kata Sifat Bahasa Inggris


  1. Expensive
  2. Fancy
  3. Furry
  4. Hungry
  5. Afraid
  6. Fragrant
  7. Shiny
  8. Difficult
  9. Wet
  10. Elderly
  11. Fascinating
  12. Foreign
  13. Amazing
  14. Cheap
  15. Enormous
  16. Adorable
  17. Valuable
  18. Yellow


  1. Tasty
  2. Delicious
  3. Fun
  4. Poor
  5. Soft
  6. Smelly
  7. Energizing
  8. Dramatic
  9. Comfortable
  10. Large
  11. Noisy
  12. Fast
  13. Friendly
  14. Chilly
  15. Fashionable
  16. Intelligent
  17. Useful
  18. Brown


  1. The team is excellent!
  2. The girl is pretty.
  3. The book is expensive.
  4. The boy is plain.
  5. The pie is delicious.
  6. The jet is fast.
  7. The movie was sad.
  8. She was cheerful.
  9. The flowers are fragrant.
  10. They are funny.
  11. The clouds are fluffy.
  12. We are hungry.
  13. The furniture in his house is old.
  14. Her jeans jacket is torn.


  1. C
  2. A
  3. A
  4. B
  5. B
  6. B
  7. A
  8. A
  9. B
  10. B
  11. C
  12. B
  13. A
  14. B
  15. A
  16. A
  17. C
  18. A
  19. A
  20. C


  1. many
  2. many
  3. much
  4. many
  5. much
  6. many
  7. much
  8. much
  9. bigger
  10. more beautiful
  11. most
  12. richer
  13. younger
  14. Intelligent
  15. cleverer
  16. stronger
  17. better
  18. good
  19. greater
  20. greatest

Itulah 90 contoh soal kata sifat dalam Bahasa inggris (Adjective) yang dapat kami share kali ini. Semoga bisa meningkatkan pemahaman tentang materi adjective (kata sifat) dan penggunaannya dalam kalimat.

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