120 Contoh Soal Simple Present Tense Essay Beserta Jawabannya

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PenaGuru.Com – Halo sahabat Penaguru sekalian, How are you? Pastinya masih pada sehat semua kan. Untuk membantu kalian agar lebih memahami materi tentang Tenses, khususnya Simple Present Tense, kali ini admin akan membagikan Contoh Soal Simple Present Tense Essay Beserta Jawabannya.

Kenapa memilih untuk memberikan soal dalam bentuk essay? Hal ini tentu saja mengingat akan kebijakan Assesmen Kompetensi Minimum (AKM) yang lebih menekankan kepada literasi dan numerasi. Oleh karena itu admin berpikir kalau bentuk soal yang lebih sesuai dengan AKM adalah bentuk soal Essay.

Lagipula selama ini kalian tentu Latihan dengan menggunakan soal pilihan ganda. Jadi agar lebih menarik dan menantang kali ini kita akan Latihan Soal Simple Present Tense dengan menggunakan bentuk soal Essay.

Pengertian Simple Present Tenses

Sebelum memulai Latihan, alangkah baiknya kalau kita kembali mengingat tentang konsep dan rule of Simple Present Tense yang telah dibahas dalam postingan 16 bentuk tenses dan penggunaannya dalam Bahasa inggris.

Simple Present Tense adalah bentuk satuan waktu (tenses) yang digunakan untuk menyatakan kejadian yang sedang berlangsung saat sekarang ini.

Simple Present Tense biasanya digunakan untuk menyatakan tentang fakta, kebiasaan (rutinitas), dan kejadian yang terjadi saat ini.

Rule of Simple Present TenseContoh Soal Simple Present Tense Essay Beserta Jawabannya

Secara umum simple present tense dibagi ke dalam dua bentuk kalimat yaitu verbal sentence dan nomina sentence. Verbal sentence adalah kalimat yang menggunakan kata kerja sebagai predikat (verb) sedangkan nomina sentence adalah kalimat yang menggunakan To Be sebagai predikat.

  • Verbal sentence : Subject + Verb I + s/-es + Object/Complement
    Contoh : She goes to school by bus ( Dia ke sekolah naik bus)
  • Nomina Sentence : Subject + To Be (am, is, are) + Object/Complement
    Contoh : The world is round ( Bumi ini bulat)

Contoh Soal Simple Present Tense Essay Beserta Jawabannya

A. Choose the Correct Answer

  1. A cat (give, gives) milk to its babies.
  2. Reptiles (has, have) thick skin.
  3. A bird (has, have) wings.
  4. Butterflies (are, is) eggs.
  5. A snake (lays, lay) eggs.
  6. Lions ( sleep, sleeps) about 11 hours a day.
  7. Zebras ( come, comes) from Africa.
  8. Bats (live, lives) in trees. Their blood (is, are) cold.
  9. A tortoise (eat, eats) leaves and grass.
  10. A tortoise (is, are) a reptile.
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B. Complete the text below. Choose the correct options!

Is/are, eats/eat, climbs/climb, lives/live, sleeps/sleep

Koala Bears

Koala bears (1) … mammals. They (2) … from Australia. They (3) … in trees and they also (4) … in trees. They (5) … leaves. They can (6) … very well.
Koala bears (7) … usually small. The babies (8) … only 2 centimeters tall. This koala bear is an adult koala. It (9) … about 0.5 meters tall. It (10) … about 1 kg of leaves a day.

C. Find the mistakes and rewrite the text!

Komodo Dragons

Komodo dragons is the native animals of Indonesia. They are very big. People sometimes calls them giant lizards. It is very dangerous. They eats deer, wild pigs and other Komodo dragons.
Komodo dragons belongs to reptiles. They has cold blood and it lays eggs. A Komodo dragon can run and climbs a tree. It can lives without eating for weeks or even months!.

D. Complete the sentences below with the correct form of to be.

  1. Hello guys! I am shanty.
  2. She … Miss Ina. She … my English teacher.
  3. We … new students.
  4. This … my new classroom. It … a nice classroom.
  5. Nurul and Tigor … students. They … my classmates.
  6. Tigor and I … in the classroom. We … very happy.

E. Change the verb into the correct form!

  1. Chris John drives (drive) a car.
  2. We have (have) some money.
  3. Do you watch (you watch) movies?
  4. They don’t work (not work) for us.
  5. I love (love) to swim.
  6. Ratih has (have) many friends.
  7. Joanna and her husband always come (come) for the winter.
  8. Does she draw (he draw) well?
  9. Santi doesn’t remember (not remember) me.
  10. Raline is (be) a beautiful girl.
  11. I don’t eat (not eat) bread.
  12. Cats like (like) to sleep.
  13. You are (be) a smart girl.
  14. Susan washes (wash) the dishes every evening.
  15. Are you (you be) ready?

F. Fill the blanks!

Contoh Soal Simple Present Tense Essay Beserta Jawabannya
Contoh Soal Simple Present Tense Essay Beserta Jawabannya
  1. I … at a government office. (work)
  2. She … with her grandmother. (live)
  3. Goats … on grass. (feed)
  4. Budi … a handsome salary. (earn)
  5. Aurel … to be a dancer. (wants)
  6. Riska … delicious cookies. (make)
  7. Yoel and her wife … in Kuala Lumpur. (live)
  8. Rudi and Sarah … to play card games. (like)
  9. Raisa … Spain very well. (speak)
  10. Sunardi … for a walk in the morning. (goes)
  11. My uncle … his pet dog. (adore)
  12. Plants … water and sunlight to make their food. (need)
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G. Change the verb into the correct form!

  1. I usually (go) to church.
  2. They (visit) us often.
  3. You (play) football once a week.
  4. Sunaryo (work) every day.
  5. He always (tell) us horror stories.
  6. She never (help) me with that!
  7. Marcus and Sanjaya (swim) twice a week.
  8. In this club people usually (dance) a lot.
  9. Brenda (take care) of her brother.
  10. Anto rarely (leave) the town.
  11. We (live) in the village most of the year.
  12. Abdul (travel) to Berlin every Saturday.
  13. I (bake) cookies twice a week.
  14. You always (teach) me new tricks.
  15. Sumini (help) the kids of the neighborhood.

H. Change the verb into the correct form!

  1. Paris (be) in France.
  2. The summer (be) hot.
  3. She (drive) very well.
  4. They (open) the store at 9:00.
  5. Juwita (be) a very pretty girl.
  6. I (have) several jobs.
  7. Water (boil) at 100 degrees.
  8. Water (freeze) at 0 degrees.
  9. My sister (speak) French.
  10.  He (have) a big hotel.
  11. A triangle (have) three corners.
  12.  My birthday (be) in July.
  13. Books (have) pages.
  14. Dogs (be) good friends.
  15. I (work) hard.

I. Change the verb into the correct form!

  1. She (love) you.
  2. This (weigh) 30 kilograms.
  3. Harry (seem) serious.
  4. They (like) tomatoes.
  5. The girl (want) to play.
  6. You (need) to sleep.
  7. They (agree) with me.
  8. She (hear) something strange.
  9. The box (contain) cake.
  10.  Stevy (appear) sad.
  11. Beckham (know) how to fix a car.
  12.  Messi and Abigail (seem) happy.
  13. This (smell) bad.
  14. I (believe) you.
  15. We (be) number one!

J. Change the verb into the correct form!

  1. I (go) to the hometown once a month.
  2. You (play) the xylophone very well.
  3.  She never (visit) us.
  4. Leonardo always (find) new ways to do things.
  5. Susanti (want) to speak.
  6. Wina (be) in Austria.
  7.  Cars (have) wheels.
  8. My teacher (have) a big house.
  9. We (play) a lot.
  10. They (sell) fruit and vegetables.
  11.  The apartment (be) on fire.
  12. Salmah (seem) sad.
  13.  I usually (help) my neighbors.
  14.  His parents rarely (leave) town.

Jawaban Contoh Soal Simple Present Tense Essay

Berikut adalah kunci jawaban dari Contoh Soal Simple Present Tense Essay paket A sampai Paket C di atas. Untuk paket D sampai dengan J, silahkan dikerjakan secara mandiri terlebih dahulu. Kunci jawabannya bisa kalian request di kolom komentar.

Jawaban Paket A

1. Gives
2. Have
3. Has
4. Are
5. Lays
6. Sleep
7. Come
8. Live/are
9. Eats
10. Is

Jawaban paket B

1. Are
2. Are
3. Live
4. Sleep
5. Eat
6. Climb
7. Are
8. Are
9. Is
10. Eats

Jawaban paket C

1. Is
2. Calls
3. Eats
4. Belongs
5. Has
6. Run

Nah! Demikian 120 Contoh Soal Simple Present Tense Essay beserta Jawabannya yang dapat kami bagikan. Semoga dapat membantu memahami materi tentang simple present tense. Jangan lupa bagikan kepada teman-teman yang lain yah! See you in the next article.