Soal Procedure Text Kelas 9 dan Jawabannya

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Pada postingan kali ini, PenaGuru.Com akan membagikan contoh soal procedure text kelas 9 beserta dengan jawabannya. Latihan soal tersebut dapat digunakan untuk mengukur sejauh mana pemahaman tentang materi procedure text. Soal telah kami lengkapi dengan clue dan pembahasan agar memudahkan Anda dalam mengerjakan soal.

Soal procedure text kelas 9 dalam bentuk pilihan ganda berikut ini disusun berdasarkan materi procedure text kelas 9 SMP dengan sub materi recipes dan manuals. Bapak dan ibu guru yang mengampuh mata pelajaran bahasa Inggris dapat menggunakan contoh soal bahasa inggris berikut sebagai referensi dalam penyusunan soal PTS maupun PAS bahasa Inggris kelas 9 SMP.

Soal Procedure Text Kelas 9 dan Jawabannya

Baiklah, langsung saja Anda simak dan kerjakan 10 contoh soal procedure text kelas 9 pilihan ganda dan jawabannya berikut ini.

Question 1: Identify the ingredient. The figure above shows …soal procedure text kelas 9
A. green tea powder
B. low fat milk
C. green tea sticks
D. oat meal powder

Clue: It is not green. It is not liquid.
Pembahasan: The picture above shows one of the ingredients of the green tea oatmeal presented in the material. It illustrates instant oatmeal, and clearly can be distinguished from any other ingredients.

Question 2: “Add some plain flour and stir until completely blended”
The word stir in the sentence can be replaced by…
A. mix
B. give
C. turn
D. take

Clue: Combine it so it is not separated.
Pembahasan: Stir means to mix something by moving it in circular patter so it is combined and not separated. So, the best replacement turns to ‘mix’.

Question 3: The following is NOT a manual…
A. How to make lemon pudding
B. How to bake a cake nicely
C. How to clean kitchen utensils
D. How to drive safely

Clue: It is not about making food.
Pembahasan: There are the manual of good baking, manual of effective cleaning, and manual of drive safety, and the lemon pudding recipe.

Question 4: The following ingredients can be found in …

soal procedure text kelas 9
gambar soal procedure text kelas 9

A. Chocolate cake recipe
B. Lemon tea recipe
C. Strawberry pudding recipe
D. Bolognaise pasta recipe

Clue: It is clear that it is not tea.
Pembahasan: The key ingredient is chocolate, and the recipe that most probably contains chocolate in it is chocolate cake recipe.

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Question 5:“Bake the cookies in the oven …”
The best adverb to complete instruction is….
A. for forty minutes
B. when serving
C. until blended
D. over the whole oven

Clue: How long will it be until the cookies ready to serve?
Pembahasan: The phrases except the ‘for forty minutes’ are illogical to complete the instruction, “Bake the cookies in the oven …”. So, the most appropriate sentence will be “Bake the cookies in the oven for forty minutes.”

Question 6: The following part of making suggestion on a recipe is to answer question number 6.
… a very thin layer of cream over the whole cake.
The correct action verb to fill the blank is…
A. spread
B. Put
C. Cover
D. Pour

Clue: It is cream over the whole cake.
Pembahasan: Ihe most suitable action verbs are spread and cover. When when you use cover, you need the whole cake to put in the beginning since it is the direct object, and you will have a correct sentence with ‘cover’ as follows: Cover the whole cake with a very thin layer of cream. So in the sentence you only need word ‘spread’.

Question 7: The following instruction is to find in manuals …
A. Place the Bluetooth device within one meter of this unit
B. Stir the dough slowly until it is blended
C. Add a spoonful of sugar into the dough
D. Bake the cookies on the highest temperature

Clue: Remember that this is not about food.
Pembahasan: Manual is most likely a set of instructions of how to do something, such as quick start guides attached in the packaging of some products. The one of instructions we can find in a manual is “Place the Bluetooth device within one meter of this unit”, and it can be found in the quick start guide of wireless speaker, Bluetooth device, or any other device that provides Bluetooth system.

Question 8: “You need two teaspoonful of green tea powder to make green tea pudding.”
The word teaspoonful has similar use with the following terms, except…
A. Careful
B. Basketful
C. Armful
D. Cupful

Clue: well, this terms maybe not familiar in your ears, and you might chose the most common word you find.
Pembahasan: The main point is the use of suffix –ful in each word. The suffix is used to reveal the amount of something needed to fill the stated container or place (Cambridge dict.). Basketful: the amount of something that a basket can hold. Armful: the amount that a person can carry in one of both arms.

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Question 9: The following steps of decorating a plain birthday cake are NOT in a good order.
Arrange them into an appropriate suggestion.soal procedure text kelas 9
A. 5 – 2 – 3 – 1 – 4
B. 3 – 2 – 1 – 5 – 4
C. 1 – 5 – 2 – 3 – 4
D. 2 – 3 – 5 – 1 – 4

Clue: It is about the decorating after the baking.
Pembahasan: Decorating cake is done when the cake is ready after the bake. So, the easy way is to follow the step when begins with ‘after the bake’ number, number five; since there is only one option begins with 5.

Question 10: “Pour the fresh milk into microwave safe bowl”
The words in bold refers to the following kinds of bowl, except….
A. A thick plastic bowl that is melted when heated in the microwave
B. Heavy metal bowl that does not leach into food when heated in the microwave
C. Ceramic ware no getting hot as to burn when removed from microwave
D. Glass bowl that will not break when heated in the microwave

Clue: If it is broken, it will not directly fall apart.
Pembahasan: Microwave safe means that the products with the label are safe to be put in microwave. It could be the product was made of heavy metal, ceramic, or glass that does not leach into food, is not getting too hot, and is not broken when it’s heated in the microwave.


Memang tidak terlalu sulit untuk mengerjakan contoh soal procedure text kelas 9 dan jawabannya tersebut mengingat hampir tiap hari kita menemukannya dalam percakapan sehari-hari. Namun jika masih ada yang kurang jelas silahkan simak materi procedure text sekali lagi.

Demikian pembahasan mengenai contoh soal procedure text kelas 9 dan jawabannya yang dapat kami bagikan. Semoga bermanfaat. Jangan lupa untuk mengikuti PenaGuru.Com melalui aplikasi Google News dengan cara Following untuk mendapatkan update artikel terbaru kami.